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Amy Tyler

Art Department

About Me

I grew up in a house full books, but for some reason I chose not to sit still and read but to spend my time swimming and baking and generally doing anything BUT reading!


I am fascinated by how our world looks and how it can be translated in other visual forms. In turn travelling has brought me back to books – and I now read with a passion! There is nothing I love more than to lose myself in a beautifully woven story.


In much the same way as I grew up in a house of books – I also grew up in a house of film! My parents believed in sharing all their favourites for over many periods of film and TV meaning I love classics like ‘The fall of The House of Usher’, modern classics including ‘Spotlight’ and ‘The Martian’, children’s series including ‘Noggin the Nog’ and ‘Stingray’!


However, I am a sucker for crime dramas and they have inspired a fascination in murder mysteries, or more specifically the psychology behind them. This has been further enhanced by TV series such as CSI or indeed the 1930s/40s radio crime dramas such as Paul Temple we would listen to on long car journeys.


My inspiration to seek out a career in the world of Film and TV design began with a specific experience: namely watching the behind the scenes bonus sections on DVD’s such as ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’. Watching how the designers at WETA and ILM loved their work, and how their  ideas were then translated to the screen was mesmerising for me. I was already exploring visual media – specifically painting and realised that I wanted to be part of the art departments I saw in these DVD’s. Despite being advised to follow a path of Fine Art and to pursue my talent for painting – I followed my heart and applied to study Design for Film and TV at Nottingham – and that brings to me where I stand today – a recent graduate of Nottingham Trent University with a BA (hons) Degree in Design for Film and TV, achieving a 2:1. 

I have always tried to show creativity and ambition, through the projects I have completed and work experience I have undertaken. I am a confident person and feel that communication lies at the heart of how I approach all my work, along with extensive visual research. I think that it is probably fair to say that I am an odd combination of creativity and organization and people would describe me as easy going but committed to whatever I am doing.


Yonderland Series 3

Production Designer: Lucy Spink

Art Department Assistant

February 2016


The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd


Production Designer: Dennis De Groot

Art Department Assistant

May 2015


150 Years Gala Dinner

Designer: Huw Feather

Event Dresser and Standby Assistant

February 2015


Production Designer: Dennis De Groot

Art Department Assistant

December 2014


Bad Education Series 3

Production Designer: Dennis De Groot

Art Department Assistant

July 2014


Broadchurch Series 2

Production Designer: Simon Rogers

Art Department Assistant

May 2014

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